A Short Nap

My son was napping on the couch. I captured the moment with this sketch in gouache and pastel.

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8 Responses to A Short Nap

  1. AAN GEE says:

    This has beautiful shading. The cours in the hair and shirt and arms are so subtle but contribute so much to the restful mood. A wonderful picture:)

    On Mon, Jan 20, 2020 at 12:52 AM, Deliberate Sketching wrote:

    > Sarah Sullivan posted: ” My son was napping on the couch. I captured the > moment with this sketch in gouache and pastel.” >

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  2. AAN GEE says:

    I really love the traces of blue in the hair and on the pillow

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  3. She says:

    Wonderful colors Sarah, I LOVE the touches of blue in his hair, they “are magic!). The juxtaposition of his arms and leg keep my eyes IN the painting (so interesting for me,) and the curve of his hand around his head nail that this is the focal point (along with contrasting blue in his hair (complementary color and unifying.)

    Wowzers! Good job! I learned just from looking – thank you!!

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  4. barbara says:

    your LOVE for him shows thru ..I can just feel your momma’s heart painting your precious as a grown guy………..he is definitely at home here on your sofa………mesmerizing color!

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