Happy Dog

I have been using a little collage with my gouache, tearing out pieces of paper and sticking them down with mat medium. I like the look of it and the way I can quickly make changes.

Last weekend I visited my brother’s new dogs in Phoenix and then, back in San Diego, watched a very happy dog chasing balls in the rain. The dog’s joy in chasing a wet ball really impressed me, and I spent some time trying to show it by getting the turn of his head and lift of his feet just right.

I seem to have dogs on my mind. Could this mean that I am ready at last for a new dog?

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4 Responses to Happy Dog

  1. She says:

    Nice piece Sarah! Love the opaque against the pure color. The happy doggie is a strong focal point and the woman is a strong second one. LOVE the feeling of wind in her hair, AND the way the varying black line leads my eye around!

    Re: a new puppy? Go for it, good time for JOY right now. Find one with a traveler’s Soul! Xo

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  2. Diane Sullivan says:

    Good luck choosing your new dog!!

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  3. Beverly Barrett says:


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