In a Canyon

I notice now, after six weeks of sheltering-in-place, that our daily walk has gone from a duty to a treat. We have gotten away from our predictable 40-minute routine and moved out much further from home, seeing something wonderful most days.

We took such a great walk today into one of San Diego’s canyons, which was green and full of flowering plants from our recent spring rains. There were children playing in the creek and people with face masks walking their dogs. It was so lovely and different from walking along a street. I took photos with my phone and later used them to make this sketch.

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7 Responses to In a Canyon

  1. She says:

    Oh Sarah! My new favorite! This just “Pops” with beautiful colors , lines, values and shapes. You are growing so FAST!!!


  2. Beverly Barrett says:

    Beautiful. Our canyon has never looked so beautiful.

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  3. tprevey says:

    Love the happy flow of sunlight, color and texture in this!

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  4. Joanne says:

    Just beautiful Sarah!

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