Zoom Sketching

I was late meeting my cousin on Zoom to sketch with her group in Fresno. In the 10 minutes I had with them, I did the contour drawing above, and then spent the evening doing small gouache sketches.

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3 Responses to Zoom Sketching

  1. equinoxio21 says:

    Very good. I like that you should do sketches. Personally I prefer the sketching phase. (I also Xerox my sketch before inking and/or “gouaching.”
    Hope all is well?

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    • I like the sketching best of all too. You just go for it and sidestep the hard work of thinking through a composition. All is well here, I got distracted with some projects at the house, funny to be busy while sheltering in place. How is it going with Covid-19 in Mexico?

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      • equinoxio21 says:

        Some people find no problem busying themselves while locked up. A sign of wide interests…
        Here is bad. Official figures say 8,000 deaths. A paper just came out calculating it’s probably closer to 32,000…

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