An Evening Thought

This is the model from yesterday’s Zoom drawing session. She has beautiful expressive features and it was a pleasure to sketch her. A positive feature of Zoom is that it allows the artist to be very close to the model, much closer than would be comfortable in an actual drawing session.

I prepared my black Bristol board with several coats of acrylic gloss medium ahead of time, so it had some of the non absorbent characteristics of yupo paper. I worked on an easel so the gouache would flow downwards and make interesting textures that emphasized the models expressiveness.

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3 Responses to An Evening Thought

  1. margarethallfineart says:

    Lovely, expressive painting . Can I ask you – do you prepare a shop bought canvas in any way before using acrylic paint ? I never know what to do !

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    • It has been many years since I painted on canvas. If I were to do so, I would apply gesso to it, I think. I apply a think coat of gesso the wooden panels I paint on and guess I would want a similar base for the paint on a canvas.

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