The Cabin from the Road

We packed up yesterday and drove home across the dessert from the Arizona mountains. There was a lot to do and I didn’t have a chance to post this last plein air view of my sister’s cabin.

In all the other cabin scenes that I painted, I showed the cabin from its social side, that is, the side where people gather under the shade trees. This is the view people passing by on the dirt road might see, if they paused a movement to peer between the oaks. I like it because the old chimney is gorgeous and the whole cabin is cradled by the greenery. It truly seems to belong just where it is.

I am so lucky in this summer of coronavirus to have been able to visit my brother in Colorado in July and my sister inAugust. Two weeks of plein air painting is really special, and now I have plenty of partially started sketches to finish as we continue to hide from COVID in San Diego.

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4 Responses to The Cabin from the Road

  1. She says:

    Stunning Sarah!

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  2. Beverly Barrett says:

    Great place to visit and paint!!

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  3. Sheila S. Polk says:

    So lovely! I just set is as my desktop background on my large computer monitor. Now I have another beautiful painting of Paddock right at my desk!

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