Painting Horses

Last month in Arizona, I painted the horses that were pastured nearby, but they always looked a little wrong. So today I studied my photos and noticed that horses have longer necks, larger head and thinner legs than the ones I drew.

Then I spent the afternoon finishing up some of the paintings with horses that I started on my Arizona trip last month. I liked this sketch overall, but the original horses were poorly drawn. Now after adjusting the three horses in this sketch to make them better proportioned, I just need to make them less awkward, more relaxed, and more connected to the background.

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3 Responses to Painting Horses

  1. Funny, I have had the urge to ride a horse during the past week. And you have the urge to paint them perfectly!

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  2. petersalamon says:

    Really like your description of your achievements and goals for the painting. The deliberate learning procedure really comes through.

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