San Diego Harbor on a Smoky Day

I got up early and went to Tidelands Park on Coronado Island, just across the harbor from downtown San Diego. On a typical September morning, the sky and water would be dominated by blue hues.

Today, however, we had a heavy marine layer that was thickened with smoke from the California fires. Even by noon when I was leaving, there was no sign of blue skies or water. The ships, sailboats, bridge, and buildings, all blended together as they receded away from view. To show the marine layer, I took a 2- inch brush and pulled a wash across the whole top of the page.

The number of wildfires in the western states is unbelievable. Our amazing firefighters are getting a handle on our local large wildfire, but it will be a long time before all the fires are out and our air is clean again. Climate change is real.

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  1. equinoxio21 says:

    I do have a very personal view of San Diego. Just digitalized and edited my mother’s 8mm film of our 1965 road trip from San Francisco to San Diego. Refreshed some memories…

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