Spruce Street Suspension Bridge

My friend told me about the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge, a foot bridge that connects two canyon tops in central San Diego. We painted there on Friday and it could not have been more delightful. It was shady, full of eucalyptus trees, and had potential from many angles.

This view is from the canyon below, with the bridge spanning the two canyon sides, giving a sense of all the time the bridge must have saved pedestrians over the years.

The tree tops were just beginning to be illuminated by direct sunlight when I sketched out the drawing. By the time I was putting in the big shapes, the sun began to touch down into the canyon. I mixed these two separate moments into this painting, but it seems to have worked out.

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3 Responses to Spruce Street Suspension Bridge

  1. Anna W Salamon says:

    I like this one; it is evocative like a DixIt image

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  2. Beverly Barrett says:

    I grew up near this bridge. The Wed hiking group took a hike last month that crossed this bridge. You are the artist and saw the beautiful part of this scene. I was a kid and saw only the bridge structure. I also noticed this difference between Francine, my artist girlfriend and myself. Thks

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