Spruce Street Suspension Bridge, II

Sometimes it takes me awhile to like my paintings. This second view of the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge is one of these. It did not seem finished, the cross bars at the top were wavy, the sky too rough. I brought this one home and hung it near my easel. The more I looked at it, the more I liked it, especially the shadows that play on the bridge floor.

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11 Responses to Spruce Street Suspension Bridge, II

  1. Anna W Salamon says:

    Huh; I also find this one unusually evocative somehow. Not sure why; I had thought the other one was because of the people, but maybe I was wrong. I agree about the shadows; for me those, plus the slightly-different-slanted beams upward, plus the sky of many colors, or something, leaves me with a slight nervous/halloween feel, as I look at the city from the bridge. Maybe it’s partly because bridges are scary.

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  2. She says:

    Wonderful colors and perspective; so mysterious and joyful!


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  3. Beverly K Barrett says:

    Beings back memories. Thks

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  4. tprevey says:

    Wow. I love the geometry, colors, atmosphere and shadows of this painting!


  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s so beautiful Sarah!

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