South Bay Salt Works

My friend said, “Let’s paint at the South Bay Salt Works.”

I looked up the building on the Internet and thought it seemed too industrial. But I went anyway, and when I stood looking up at the old building, cranes, conveyor belts, and the incredible mountains of salt, I changed my mind. I especially loved all the triangles that the shapes made against the bright sky.

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10 Responses to South Bay Salt Works

  1. tprevey says:

    Great colors and composition!

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  2. This is lovely. I love industrial scenes too – although many of my artbuddies think I’m mad. Well done!

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  3. Beverly Barrett says:

    Wow! You make this place look interesting and attractive!

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  4. She says:

    Wonderfully executed, and great composition!

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  5. Anna Salamon says:

    I like the lines here! Which I guess is what you mean about the triangles in the sky. It feels very active; does something to me. I think the curves on the ground and in the roof are part of it.

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