The Family Room

I started a new series today, painting the rooms of our home.

Of course, I had to begin with this room, our family room. Of all the rooms, this one brings out my sentimental side. When we were looking for homes in 1989, this room decided it all for me. Our children were small, and the thought of a space where they could freely enjoy their train tracks, dollhouses, games, books, art materials, and Lego pieces thrilled me. We put my desk in a corner, and their toys just about everywhere else. My husband’s study is in an adjoining space. We graded papers, played games, and life was good.

Over the years, the family room’s design shifted along with our interests and hobbies. The toys are gone. The room is full of art, including carvings from my father and watercolors from my mother. These days I sit at the old game table and read or watch the birds poking around in our patio garden.

I wanted to show you what this room feels like in the morning. I think you can see how the sun pours in through the French doors, across the game table, and accentuates the colors of the floor and wood. And I think you can imagine me standing at my easel across the room, trying to capture it all for you.

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6 Responses to The Family Room

  1. deb92024 says:

    Sally, I love this one for s many reasons. The color, the composition and memories of the kids when small and all our good times together as well. xox

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  2. You convey such a sense of warmth and good feeling in this image.

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  3. tprevey says:

    Sally, This gives me such a warm good feeling!

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