Outside in the Shade

I met up with friends to paint at San Diego’s Shelter Island. This time of year, the sun is hot, and we pretty much need to stand in the shade when painting. I was in the shadows of the next tree over and about to paint the harbor. Then I noticed the adjacent group. Although they huddled under the same tree, each artist was turned and capturing a different slice of the surroundings. I thought their positions said something interesting about the group’s individuality. I also liked this scene because it conveys our local story of loving to be outside painting even as we do our best to stay hidden from the sun

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4 Responses to Outside in the Shade

  1. deb92024 says:

    Particularly love the tree!

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  2. Beverly Barrett says:

    Sure is a lot more interesting then the bay! If I had been there I would have focused on the artists too.

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  3. I love this. I think your focus on the artists was inspired and I agree, these people are telling a story with their posture and gestures.


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