Sunset Cliffs with a Roiling Sea

Sunset Cliffs, along San Diego’s shoreline, always has a grand vista for a painter. Its elevation gives broad views, and its warm sandstone formations contrast nicely with the sea. Sometimes, it also offers a roiling sea, as was the case this week.

I mostly used a fan brush to suggest the turmoil of the sea and the layers of the sandstone. The effect was fairly abstract, and for a while, I thought about adding definition to the cliffs. In the end, I decided that I liked the mystery and so left it as I painted it.

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3 Responses to Sunset Cliffs with a Roiling Sea

  1. lauraferrol says:

    Sally, I feel the movement of the ocean waves and even the wind. I really like your self portrait too ! Laura

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  2. Beverly K Barrett says:

    Beautiful, you captured it Thks

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