The Grand Canyon’s North Rim

We are back from a four-day camping trip to North Timp Point on the rim of the Grand Canyon. I painted each day. Here are three of my favorites.

Early Morning View
from my camper’s window
Afternoon View from the Rainbow Trail
Afternoon View from North Timp Point

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17 Responses to The Grand Canyon’s North Rim

  1. deb92024 says:

    LOVE these, especially the top and bottom but the middle is not too shabby either!

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  2. Barbara Raub says:

    These are so refreshing! Miss you !

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  3. She says:

    So HARD to capture the vibrancy, grandiosity flow and feeling of this place, but YOU DID IT! Miss you too, Sarah!

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  4. tprevey says:

    Wow – beautiful vibrant colors!

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  5. Sonja says:

    Dearest Sarah, thank you for having the confidence I aspire to have and with your example learn to have. Today at the Plein Air in Balboa park you said your eye went right to my man, and that it was a success, you must have sensed I needed to hear that…I did. THANK YOU!

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  6. Wow. All so majestic. I particularly like the first one. The intense colors are a good omen for the coming day, I think.

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  7. equinoxio21 says:

    Do you paint on the spot? Or later from a photo?

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    • On the spot. The location is adjacent to the National Park on Bureau of Land Management land. BLM areas are more flexible than National Park Areas and this means you can camp right on the rim of the canyon.

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      • equinoxio21 says:

        The sights must be beautiful. (On the spot? Wow. I work very differently. Spend 10 minutes pencilling. Do something else. Come back 2 hours later. Change something. Then the inking. By bits and pieces. Then the watercolours. I can spend a week on a sketch but overall not much more than hour or two.


  8. After reading your lovely piece on horses and riders in Cuernavaca, I should have added that people ride their horses along the 24 mile trail, the Rainbow Trail, that follows the rim.


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