October Light at Trevi Hills Winery

The San Diego Watercolor Society painted today at the Trevi Hills Winery in Lakeside. This was our first large paintout in twenty-one months and something to celebrate.

The light was sharp and fierce, backlighting the olive trees, grapevines, and dried grasses. I remembered how much I like the combination of Quinacrine Violet and Yellow Ochre for suggesting backlit scenes, particularly when combined with light blues.

I was nearly finished when I noticed a few individuals helping each other pack up. I put them in the painting but am still uncertain about this call.

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3 Responses to October Light at Trevi Hills Winery

  1. Sonja says:

    I love it!


  2. I like their inclusion. It gives scale and focus, the smallness of people sheltered in nature. That’s what I see.

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  3. barbara says:

    I love this palette!!

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