Ready to Cook

My friend set up a still life on her kitchen table for our Tuesday night Zoom group. It included an old cookbook, ‘The Joy of Cooking,’ so well used that the cover has been missing for years. One of the other artists reminisced about making butterscotch bars from it as a child, page 78, she thought. And suddenly, I was filled with nostalgia for the days when my sisters and I raced home from school and made treats from scratch. I think some of my nostalgia transferred into this painting.

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10 Responses to Ready to Cook

  1. Barbara Raub says:

    Modern nostalgia!! I can smell your treats! Yummy!! I love your posts! even when I’m too sleepy to “ respond” I am responding non- verbally! 💕💕

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  2. She says:

    Oh Sarah this is a deliciously FABULOUS painting! It brought tears of joy to my heart. SO we’ll done and with great feeling! Xo

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  3. Beverly Barrett says:

    Great setting. My Mom had the same book.

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  4. I think this one just glows. I love the luminosity you captured here. And I’m really taken with the maroon red color I see throughout the image. I think it’s such an effective accent of the shapes.

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    • Thank you Claudia, is it missing aqua blue?

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      • I don’t think so. I studied it a while and tried to place it here or there. But what struck me right at first was the color scheme being limited and how it all had a slightly subdued look that somehow you used to make it all glow. I don’t know how you did this, it’s beautiful. I think adding aqua blue would break this look because it is out of the unity and would draw attention. I wonder if this makes sense?

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      • It does make sense. I am rarely sure about color schemes. I held this a few days, thinking about the color. Bits of aqua might accentuate the maroon, I thought. I tried it with Procreate, but did not like it, so left it was it was. Thank you Claudia for your comments.

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  5. equinoxio21 says:

    There is some Cézanne in that painting. Congrats.

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