Oranges across a Table

It was my turn to set up the Tuesday night still life scene for our Zoom group. There is a lot of thought that goes into one of these. Is it something that the limited range of a computer camera and the Zoom application can handle? Will the other artists like the scene? Will it have the right amount of challenge? And so on.

I started with a bowl of oranges on a blue tablecloth but ended up tipping the bowl against the wall, rumpling the tablecloth, and spreading a few oranges across the table. I think it was a good setup because I had fun painting it and the other paintings were terrific.

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4 Responses to Oranges across a Table

  1. She says:

    It is beautiful! There is an interesting measure of vibrancy and calm in this piece. It feels unusual and soothing and interesting. Like the perfect balance of a scent or taste. Nice job Sarah!

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  2. I like this very much. The colors really show each other off and I think turning the bowl on its side was a genius idea because it transformed the still life into one that is dynamic! In motion! I love that.

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