It was a sad Sunday for the Chiefs and their fans

I don’t often watch football but I was in Kansas City with a preponderance of people who love the KC Chiefs. I was delighted to sit and sketch their expressions while the Chiefs battled their rival, the Buffalo Bills. It looked good for the Chiefs initially, but as the fourth quarter neared its end, it became increasingly clear that the Chiefs would lose the game. As this tragic realization animated the expressions in the room, I tried to capture their denial, hope, and disbelief in this little sketch.

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5 Responses to It was a sad Sunday for the Chiefs and their fans

  1. Barbara Raub says:

    Wow!! You nailed it! What a capture!!

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  2. She says:

    Sarah, you nailed their feelings via expressions! Good piece! Xoxo

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  3. I love this. You portrayed their feelings perfectly.


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