The Old Cactus Garden in Winter

There are two cactus gardens in San Diego’s Balboa Park, one old and the other even older. Both gardens are wonderful but this oldest one is my favorite because it is wild. It is known as the Old Cactus Garden and dates from 1935 when the area was developed for the California Pacific Exposition. This area has remnants of old buildings, terraces, and succulents.

I chose this view of the garden because I liked how the cloudy skies and light rain muted the distant California Tower and Dome. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish this on-site, but I was able to work on it some more today. As I painted, I got carried away and added the wall. To be clear, if you ever go to the Old Cactus Garden, it is highly unlikely that you will see this wall.

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3 Responses to The Old Cactus Garden in Winter

  1. tprevey says:

    This is beautiful and has a decorative Hispanic flavor!

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  2. Barbara says:

    Oh I love this Sarah!! Love how lit up ur looks despite the weather… shafts of sunlight glowing thru the clouds and drizzle .

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  3. lauraferrol says:

    It’s lovely !

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