Goodbye San Pancho

An interior scene is an unusual yet fitting ​final sketch for our two weeks in San Pancho. On our first day here, my sister-in-law received a stunning birthday bouquet from our cousin. It captured my eye the entire time we stayed together because of its shape and colors. Although I intended to paint it, I kept deferring, as so many other scenes caught my attention.

I finally painted it using a composition I am experimenting with- a still-life in the foreground with a figure in the distance.

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5 Responses to Goodbye San Pancho

  1. Linda says:

    Beautiful, Sally

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  2. I have recently started following you, what is this medium. I go from oil, to acrylic, then sometimes think gouache.

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    • Hi Terry, it is gouache on black watercolor paper. I apply it transparently and thickly- transparently so that the paper shows through and creates muted color, and straight out of the tube so the colors are bright. When I travel I take it along in a 24-pan palette with extra white, at home I use it out of the tube.
      Thank you for following my posts.

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