This is Where We Will Plant It

I moved the potted azaleas around for a few days and think this may be the perfect place for painting them over the next few years.

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3 Responses to This is Where We Will Plant It

  1. I so love this. You remind me of the days I did acrylic on canvas, I miss them, but so enjoyed seeing this.

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    • Hi Terry, thank you for your kind comment. I mostly work in gouache, have you tried gouache? It might be a good fit with your pen and ink work.


      • I have used gouache off and on over the years, never really got attached to it. Travelling light is ultra important so I carry a small Arttoolkit pallet, the size of a card case. Of late I have been using Faber-Castell watercolor markers, though they are not as compact as I like. And of late I am doing as much in black and white as in color so that is a real difference.


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