People at Spanish Village

Although I often paint figures, I am confused about how to place several into a landscape so that their relative sizes are believable. So I was happy when I saw that Peggi Kroll Roberts was offering a three session online class addressing just this issue and have been happily completing her exercises.

The Thursday plein air painters met at the galleries in Spanish Village, a place popular with tourists and artists, and a perfect place to practice placing people into a landscape using one-point perspective as a guide. Unfortunately, the two figures on the right side grew a few inches as I painted, but even so, I think overall, the figures are believable. Next, I need to make them more lively!

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3 Responses to People at Spanish Village

  1. jofox9973 says:

    Super – I really love this one!


  2. I like this too! 🙂


  3. I’ve had this same problem. I read a book on perspective by Ernest Norling back in the past that helped me a lot. I recently realized I need a refresher because though I don’t try for realism I do want some guideposts in the picture for the viewer to ground themselves. So I read this post with interest.


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