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In the Waves

It was a stormy evening and I sketched my grown kids as they played in the waves. I liked the way they leapt into the swells, raising their arms, and shouting. It was good to see them having so much … Continue reading

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Along the East Coast of O’ahu

This is a sketch of the beach along Waimanalo Beach today. It was wonderful, windy, and wild, and the waves came way up on the shore.

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At the Beach

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve in Oahu Hawaii is a snorkeling park full of sea life and coral. It also had a very cute family that I had a chance to sketch as I sat behind them on the beach.

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View from the Lanai

I painted today from the corner of the lanai, or porch, that wraps around the side of the rental where we are staying here in Oahu, Hawaii. It offers a mesmerizing view of the sea that is set off by … Continue reading

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Looking North along Waimanalo Beach

This morning I got up early and walked down to the beach for this sketch. Yesterday I painted the view along the beach looking south. Today’s sketch is from the same spot but looking north.

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First Look at Waimanalo Beach

We arrived at Waimanalo about an hour before sunset and walked down to the beach for a first look. This is a very quick sketch in a very small sketchbook, a first sketch of the week, to help me begin … Continue reading

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Yesterday we took a jungle walk up a creek to Stone Dam. With its clear water, rope swings, gorgeous foliage and several swimming holes it was a great place to visit but an overwhelming place to sketch.

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Breakfast in Kauai

  What better way to start the day than to sketch with pen and watercolor? Especially a sketch of breakfast in a cheerful kitchen with a backdrop of the Pacific Ocean and the Kauai landscape? I like this sketch because … Continue reading

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Two Men, Their Computers and the Kauai Night Sky

After a long day it is good to sit on the lanai, soak up the spectacular Milky Way, and enjoy the companionship of old friends. It was not until these two pulled out their computers just before bed that I … Continue reading

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Bev Makes Dinner

It is so much fun to try to capture a lively scene. My friend Bev moves around her busy Hawaiian kitchen with a confidence that inspires my deep admiration. My only complaint is that she never holds still!  I sketched … Continue reading

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