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The colors of the orchids on a table across the room command my attention. Is it a form of meditation to sit and dwell in the colors or is it just a way of passing time? Probably both, but in … Continue reading

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Orchids on My Desk 4

With this fourth version of the orchids on my desk, I wanted to capture more of the cloud like, almost floating, feeling that I see in these flowers. I made the flowers very pink, connected the blossoms into a single … Continue reading

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Orchid on My Desk 3

It is so easy to just paint something at home when you are busy, and I am so lucky to have these gorgeous orchids on my desk this week. This morning I developed the background more than I have on … Continue reading

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Orchids on My Desk, day 2

These orchids have totally captured my attention. I can’t stop thinking about how to paint them better.

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Orchids on My Desk

My neighbor gave me orchids the other day and I picked them up today to move them to a better location. But something happened and I ended up painting them instead.

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