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Azaleas with Philodendron

Azaleas mean spring is here again, hooray! And don’t they look great with a philodendron leaf in a blue vase?

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Boulders and Meadows

Saturday, we went out to Lakeside for the monthly paintout with the San Diego Watercolor Society. Shuang Li gave a terrific demo, and then we all painted. It was such a beautiful day, full of irresistible subjects, clouds, boulders, fresh … Continue reading

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Thursday Morning at the Park

Yesterday I painted at Pioneer Park in San Diego, along with the Thursday painters. The park was full of people. We were all enjoying a perfect January morning in San Diego, green because of our recent rains, bright because our … Continue reading

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A Thirty-Seven Year Old Idea

Two old scholars, working together on an idea that has eluded them for thirty-seven years, notice it is a delightful day and decide not to waste a moment of it. They take their notes and computers outside, sit along the … Continue reading

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A Redo of Homework under a Tree

Yesterday evening I posted a sketch, ‘Homework under a Tree,’ a painting with a message about friendships, youth, and spring. This morning, I looked at it again and saw that I got way too much of it wrong. I wanted … Continue reading

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Homework under a Tree

I can’t be sure that the project these three were working on so seriously was their homework, but whatever it was, it had their full attention. I wonder, in 50 years, will these three girls look back and remember a … Continue reading

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Along a Path

It was a perfect spring day today in this part of Denmark, with intermittent sunshine and temperatures warm enough for comfortable sketching. This is from the nearby Hareskov woods, and I wanted to show the cheerfulness of the day in … Continue reading

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