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Zucchini Flowers

I have been watching the zucchini grow, and its flower is definitely eye catching. It only opens for the first part of the day but puts on a great show for those few hours. Its shape seemed perfect for block … Continue reading

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Looking at Del Cerro from SDSU

Sometimes we walk over to the mesa on the north edge of the college. It is inconceivable that our San Diego freeways are empty during rush hour, and we check our understanding by seeing it again for ourselves. We stand … Continue reading

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Roses and Placemats

We had a very quiet Mother’s Day with an incredible bouquet of red roses, which demanded to be painted. I am still going strong with combining printmaking and gouache painting, and this was the perfect subject. I am beginning to … Continue reading

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Plants in a Yard

Like yesterday, I carved stamps and printed them on black Bristol board, using gouache as my ink. Then I went back and over-painted portions of the sketch with gouache. When a stamp is printed, the image is reversed and today … Continue reading

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Gate on Adams Avenue

Last August, I took a workshop on making hand-carved stamps to use in watercolor paintings. It was a wonderful workshop, and I told myself that I would use this new technique soon. Well, thanks to sheltering-in-place, soon is finally here. … Continue reading

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