Trees Everywhere

I have been camping out of internet range and was unable to post. This is the blog I wrote for July 7, 2015

My learning plan for today is to sketch different types of tree- scapes, trees on level land, trees on hillsides, and trees in a valley. I want to understand how the relative position is shown on paper. I will not finish the sketches, just show how the placement on paper indicates proximity to me in the different settings.

Here is an example of the kind of work I did today:

FullSizeRender (32)

I summarized my learning on each of these sketchbook page. On the page above I wrote, ‘Flatland: Even though far tree trunks are farther away (rise up on the page) they are not as far away as my intuition says. It is tough to say exactly what I am learning, but I now know that  when showing distance, I tend to exaggerate the rise up the page of objects as they recede from me. This gives my sketches a childish look.

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