Showing Position

I have been camping out of internet range and was unable to post. This is my blog for July 8, 2015

My plan for today is to continue to study the placement on paper of objects that show relative position using perspective. I noticed yesterday that as tree tops recede in the distance, their tops drop on the page. So we have tree trunks rising on the page as they recede and their tops dropping. This is of course what we learn from one and two point perspective, but somehow I had not made the connection.

Here is an example of my thinking as I worked today.

FullSizeRender (34)

I learned something important today. The relative position of each part of a large objects (the tops and bottoms of trees for instance) on a page does not change exactly in the same way. Since I am closer to the tree trunks than I am to the treetops, the trunks rise less rapidly than the tops drop. When I draw I need to be mindful of how the scene works as a whole.

I noticed something about my style of drawing today. I usually draw by focusing intently on the small part of an object I am drawing and continue drawing small parts until the page is full rather than planning a drawing ahead of time and then inserting each object into its rightful place. This habit leads to spatial distortions in my sketches. At times this can be exactly what I want, but it should be under my control and not an accidental outcome. So, on with learning about perspective!

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