Library Napper

Today I continued to work on telling a story about a person while also placing the person into a place that shows depth and proportional sense.

I returned again to the library, read books about composition and sketched several versions of the person napping in the library. The man sleeping seemed tired and comfortable in the easy chair and I think these feelings are captured in this sketch.  I like the use of shadows on the napper’s face and think it helps convey being asleep. I was more courageous with dark values on the figure and think the contrast with the bookshelves  that fade slightly as the distance from the napper increases adds depth to the sketch. Drawing bookshelves is such a great way to understand how to use one point perspective. I am so pleased that I now know how to manage this. I may do one more day of book shelves tomorrow.

FullSizeRender (60)

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