Midsummer’s Night Dream

Today I had a great opportunity to use color values to add depth to a sketch. We attended an outdoor performance of A Midsummer’s Night Dream in the park. It was performed in the round so I was able to sketch the audience on two sides of us, as well as the performers. I sketched with a pen and then after the performance added watercolor.There is a clear story that is being told in the sketch with body language, color, value and line.The faint color and line that describe the audience contrasts with the strong color and line for the three performers and adds depth to the sketch. I was able to show a foreground, middle-ground and background and to make a night sky that goes with the play and the actual performance.  I may redo this sketch tomorrow as I wish I had put in faint arches in the night sky.

This is the end of my third week blogging and the end of a week working to include greater value in each sketch. Interestingly, although I was thinking about value, it is with perspective that I made the most growth. In my school, teachers often noticed something similar with our students. It happened often that the learning clicked after all the lessons had been taught. (Think of all those grades that don’t show what students really are able to do!) Perhaps next week will be the week I become comfortable with value.

In the coming week I will plan my sketches better by doing a thumbnail sketches showing value and composition before actually sketching. My hope is to force myself to think, problem solve and grow before I slip into the fun of sketching.

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