Is This a True Story Uncle Joe?

Today I did several quick sketches of my nephews. They are on the move and hard to catch but they did stay put to listen to a story told by their uncle. I was struck by the differences in apparent credulity on their faces as they listened to the tall tale. The oldest clearly enjoyed the story, the middle seemed believing and the youngest very concerned. The way the youngest holds on to his cousin’s chair conveys some of his concern and the relaxed posture and slight smile of the oldest shows his enjoyment. The middle nephew was sitting tall with attention, and kept looking at the rest of us to gauge our take on the story but I did not capture his uncertainty today. This scene was a great opportunity for me as it has many elements of a visual story that I want to be able to communicate through image.

FullSizeRender (95)

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2 Responses to Is This a True Story Uncle Joe?

  1. Tara says:

    You captured L so well! His body posture looks spot on to what seems his typical “i’m listening and thinking about what you’re saying while also fiddling with this thing over here.”


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