Having Fun

My big goal is to tell a story through image and today I had a great opportunity to do so. This afternoon we repainted some outside art here at my brother’s property. Here is a sketch of my two sisters working outside on the same piece, from opposite sides of a table! Their position and harmony reminded me of the Escher piece where the hands are drawing themselves. That they could manage this while enjoying themselves says a lot about who they are. I come close to capturing the congenial interaction and the maneuvering needed to paint around each others arms by the awkward position of their painting arms. I partially showed their pleasure in the work and the enjoyment each was taking in being there with the other through the facial expression of the sister on the left. Their focus on the work in spite of all the commotion is shown somewhat by the expression of the sister on the right. I did not capture their ongoing chatter and may try this sketch again with their mouths in a talking position. I drew the sketch in ink and finished most of the watercolor in the field with my sisters.

FullSizeRender (97)

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