Window Washing

Window WasherI was on my way to the library when I noticed a man up on a ladder washing windows. I found a perch and began sketching him. My goal this week is to exaggerate body language to clearly tell a story and I had fun with it in this sketch. The man was hardworking, burdened with equipment tied to his hips, and safety minded. This was not a story I was successful in conveying so I changed the elements somewhat. It took a few tries but eventually I drew the man leaning too far to the right for his own safety and more interested in peering inside the window than in cleaning it. Not including the equipment on his hips helped clarify his image. I challenged myself to use minimal lines and strong colors but wonder if more lines would have better conveyed the story. I still miss my lines! I cropped the picture, taking off part of the left hand side and part of the top so as not to have the man in the center.

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