Limber Limbs

Ice Cream Store 3

My goal this week is exaggerating body language to tell a story but there was no need to do so with the two subjects of this sketch. I stopped for coffee in the middle of the day and noticed two limber sisters lounging as they each ate a doughnut. I was astounded by and envious of their ability to contort their legs and still stay upright. I caught the movement of the three background figures and the contrast of their activity to the girl’s relaxed sitting. I blocked in greys for the rest of the store and went too dark.  I like that the composition has several triangles in it; the bank of windows, the three background figures and the left corner of the table through the legs and right chair. I may come back to this sketch and improve it by replacing some of the grey color in the background and modifying the arm of the older sister so that it clearly hangs over the back of the chair.

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