Last Telluride Town Talk

forest 3The last town talk of the summer took place in the historic New Sheridan Hotel. I love going to these because the speaker is fair game for a sketcher. This time the speaker stood on the stage, well above the audience, especially for those of us in the first few rows. This unusual vantage point made his feet, legs and hips seem disproportionately large and provided an excellent view of his kneecaps. There was a large screen that left little room for the speaker to move about. My goal this week is to exaggerate body language to convey a story and I did this by having the speaker point at his slide while he stared at his finger and explained his point. The speaker wore black but I know from my past experience that black clothing is tough to paint in a shapely way so I made him wear white. I had to use both sides of my little 3.5 X 5 Moleskine sketchbook to capture the speaker, which accounts for the odd shape of this sketch. Perhaps if I had included the lectern and a few audience members it would more clearly tell the story of a public lecture.

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