Gesture Landscapes

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Today we drove from Telluride across the Navajo Nation to the Grand Canyon. As we drove I sketched, completing ten or so of these. The landscape did not hold still. I used a water soluble pencil together with watercolor to capture my observations quickly, much like in a life drawing class where the model changes positions every few minutes. I wanted to exaggerate the sweep of the mountains and minimize the variation and abundance of the colors as I tried to record the essence of what was flashing by my window.

As this sixth week of blogging ends, I understand better why I have had such a hard time stating what my success criteria (learning goal) is each week. I just do not yet have enough skill in noticing to be descriptive, broad and precise. Being able to state a set of success criteria requires experience and expertise. I am in the process of building expertise through my direct experience with sketching, thinking and writing about my sketching and by reading and viewing the work of other artists, bloggers and writers. I am beginning to have a sense of what I am doing but not yet able to be clear.

In the coming week I plan to work with line in all its forms- faint, strong, short, continuous, wide, narrow, hard, soft, grey, black, white, colorful, dramatic, understated, cheerful and enthusiastic. I plan to use line deliberately to help tell the stories I experience this week.

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2 Responses to Gesture Landscapes

  1. Tara says:

    I really like the clouds and how they look more or less full of water based on the density of the blue paint.


  2. Thank you Tara, you caught what I was hoping to convey!


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