Happy to Be Here

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There is something about the Grand Canyon that seems to evoke awe, lift spirits, and cause happiness. I hope this is conveyed in this sketch of a mother and daughter enjoying a moment together on the rim, as it is one of the universal stories I notice throughout the canyon. My goal this week is to strengthen my skill with using line and in this fourth day at the canyon I am trying yet another approach with using line to communicating the shape of the rock formations. I drew with pencil, and then narrowed the color down to the predominate color of the formation and washed it onto the page, in particular trying to use the hard edge of the color to define shapes. I went over parts of the sketch with a grey pen and other parts with more watercolor. I feel this communicated more of sense of depth than the last three sketches, but know that I have not yet come close to conveying the immense distances in the canyon vista. I wanted to use a consistent style and colors on the figures and the background to emphasize the connection between the people and place, but I may have overdone it on the mother.

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