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On our last evening at the Grand Canyon, a cluster of people gathered to watch the sunset and listen to a flute player at Hopi House. There was an interconnection among the layers of clouds in the sky, the layers of earth in the canyon and the layers of relationships among the viewers. The time scale for the accumulation and dissipation of these layers is all different, but the fact that relationships result from the juxtaposition of related strata was clearly evident.

The story I wanted to capture in a final summary sketch is the meaning that comes from interconnections. In the last four days I experimented with several ways of describing the canyon’s layers visually, and I built on these techniques, simplifying the lines, shapes and colors of clouds, earth and people even more. The couple’s relaxed affection for each other is communicated through the woman’s arm and the closeness of their faces as they speak and listen. I wanted the sky and canyon to mirror this closeness and to use the layers to symbolize how relationships build with proximity and time.

I would have posted this yesterday but it was a long drive home to San Diego and we arrived here early this morning.

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2 Responses to Layers

  1. Tara says:

    Beautiful capture! I like how the shades in the sky reflect the shades of the couple, both soft and peaceful. Welcome home!


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