Mathematicians Socializing #2

FullSizeRender (62)

I sketched both of the ‘Mathematicians Socializing’ yesterday but did not get a chance to finish them until today. My intent with both was to show the hard work of thinking productively. I frequently sketch people engaging in casual interactions, but the facial expression and body language of deep thinking is different. This is a type of human interaction that I find beautiful and I want to be able to convey it. I used line to define the figures and background elements, but attempted to keep the line at a level where most viewers would not notice. The mutual eye contact, the calm listening of the standing figure, and the relaxed body and hand gestures of the talking figure all combine to show focused attention. The books on the table support the idea that thinking is going on. My August 7 post, The Reading Lesson, also shows the kind of focused listening that is part of thinking in pairs or groups.

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6 Responses to Mathematicians Socializing #2

  1. Tara says:

    Luke really adds something to all your new paintings. I’m glad he came into your life. He’s a great dog for painting!


  2. JenniferRM says:

    > This is a type of human interaction that I find beautiful and I want to be able to convey it.

    I think it is beautiful too, and it is captured really well in this sketch.


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