Mathematicians Socializing

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I have been wanting to convey people thinking together. We had an early arrival for dinner Friday and as our guest began to socialize I was able to capture two sketches of people thinking together. I did not get the hand waving but I think the way they use books and paper to support their discussion rings true to the purpose of their interaction. I sketched in pencil and watercolor, then later went back with more color. The line is subtle, mostly grey, but used throughout the sketch. I will post the second sketch later today.

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4 Responses to Mathematicians Socializing

  1. I think this captures “an evening with Peter” very nicely. Having luke looking outward is a nice touch — it adds the ever-present “is this discussion of common interest?” aspect nicely without being intrusive. I know you prefer realism, but I find myself wishing the painting had a common thought bubble filled with graphs and equations… perhaps with a second thought bubble for Luke. Is the other gentleman Jim?


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