Finding a voice

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Being an audience member is a wonderful opportunity for a sketcher, so I was delighted to accept an invitation from a friend to attend her recital, the culmination of  a 10-week course in singing for people who believe they are unable to sing. I was also eager to attend as an educator because I am fascinated by teachers who cause transformation in belief and performance. I was moved to see and hear 14 individuals take on the challenge and knew I was in the presence of a very powerful teacher. The message I wanted to convey in this sketch is of a performer giving it her best. The closed eyes, slight frown, cast shadows, lifted chin and hand position help send this message.

I was also deliberately practicing using ambient lighting to add to my message. The spotlight directly above the singer made it easy, and the lighting off to the singer’s left side helped me out as well. The lighting adds to the clarity of the sketch’s meaning since most viewers expect performers to be in the spotlight.

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