Finding a voice, part 2

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I added color to a black and white sketch that I made when I attended the August 30, ‘Finding a voice’ concert, since I know I will not have time to sketch later today. This concert was the final event of a 10-week course in singing for people who wanted to sing despite believing that they could not carry a tune. In addition to conveying a story, my deliberate practice goal at that time was using lighting to add emphasis to my message.  I combined deliberate practice goals when I went back into the black and white sketch today and added splashes of yellow, red and purple.

This performer was bravely hesitant in her performance and this comes through in the sideway glance she gives to her right as though she is looking for people who might be laughing at her.  She leans forward uncertainly, not quite standing up straight and not quite committed to being on stage, somehow sending a message of bravery in the face of uncertainty. I used a water-soluble pencil, yellow, purple and red paint, and the white of the paper to reinforce the idea of performance on stage under lights. The strong colors and contrast reinforce the message of unease by making the lighting stark. 

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1 Response to Finding a voice, part 2

  1. Tara says:

    I really like the light splitting her face which seems to convey the two emotions you described. The splitting in half of the subject and the thick dark lines remind me of Picasso.


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