Focused listening

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As I looked ahead, I thought it likely that I would not have enough time on this first day of October to sketch so I posted a sketch I did a few weeks ago just as I was learning to use markers. I like the bold geometric shapes of this sketch, the limited number of colors, and the strong thick lines, especially the eyebrow lines. The lines from the marker create a worried frown, give volume to the clothing, and texture to the hair. The story this sketch tells me is that the figure is thinking closely about the focus of her attention. The slight frown and wide eyes create a facial expression that is open, concerned, and vulnerable, the expression of someone who really hears the conversation that is taking place. The concern in the face is emphasized by the way the hand holds the neck.

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2 Responses to Focused listening

  1. Anna says:

    It’s funny; I see the worried frown and focus-of-attention parts now, and didn’t when I saw the sketch earlier without the commentary. I feel like I’m learning how to attend to more of my visual processing by reading your posts.


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