Because of a giraffe enthusiast

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There is so much that I only really notice after someone points it out to me. I have visited the zoo many times but only began to see giraffes when I heard them praised by a fan. The more I drew giraffes today, the more I noticed about them. I did several sketches before I began to comfortable with their heights, spots and especially their wonderful facial expressions. I began with my water-soluble pencil but could not make it define the important features I was noticing. I ended up using pen, marker and watercolor. I hope to return soon with a wider variety of pens.

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5 Responses to Because of a giraffe enthusiast

  1. I’m sure the giraffe enthusiast will be thrilled 🙂


  2. Tara says:

    They are magnificent! I really love the giraffe’s face all the way to the right. You made their spots look so easy to capture. When I’ve tried before, I get too caught in structure and varying each shape with just enough consistency.


    • I would like like to be more comfortable with the structure. The spots are incredibly complex. Drawing them reminded me of trying to draw the layers of the Grand Canyon. After looking down at my paper I had such trouble finding my place both at the Grand Canyon and at the zoo, which never happens to me if I am drawing a person.


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