The Old City Walls again



Yesterday’s sketch bothered me. One of my goals is to use image to tell a story and yesterday’s sketch did not do so. I woke up thinking that it would have been better if I had included awestruck people. Besides telling a story about how people are moved by seeing the Old City, placing people into the sketch would help show the impressive scale of the walls.

Although I had not drawn anyone looking at the Old City, I remembered that last September I drew a group of three zoo goers looking with awe up at giraffes and thought they could be used for the Old City sketch. I combined the sketches from yesterday and from September 30 into this new sketch. While I was at it, I lightened the sky and added texture to the walls to make them look more weathered.

Both of the original sketches were ink and watercolor. I combined and changed them using Procreate, an app on my iPad.



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4 Responses to The Old City Walls again

  1. Rebecca says:

    Love this and the people looking at the city certainty adds an interesting dimension to the drawing.


  2. Tara says:

    It’s neat how you could combine two pictures to create a whole new one.


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