This can’t be the optimal control of the quantum oscillator, can it?

oscillator - 1

This is the fourth day I listened on the sideline as two scientists pursued an elusive relationship among their equations. Many of my sketches are about the visual beauty of people learning and thinking together. This sketch is about the labor of making ideas clear enough to be described with words and equations. It takes push, tenacity, endurance, stamina, and hard work and while onerous at times, is incredibly beautiful as well.

I conveyed their effort through their intensely grim expressions, tense body language, the hands clutching a forehead or chin, the bodies leaning forward, their attentive gaze intent on the same sheet of paper, and the somber colors of a late night study. The books in the background allude to their background knowledge but I tried to keep the focus on the actual mental struggle that their work involves.

I sketched in ink and watercolor.

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3 Responses to This can’t be the optimal control of the quantum oscillator, can it?

  1. Anna Salamon says:

    I really like this one. I wish there was more art about the process by which human animals do science.


    • This is a good thought Anna, that would be interesting. Getting into places where people really wrestle with ideas and staying long enough for people to forget that they are being observed is the challenge.


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