Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving - 1 (1)

Developing an image for Thanksgiving was a different type of challenge than my usual interpreting and sketching of an observable scene. I had to think which symbols of Thanksgiving aligned with my own thoughts. Then there was choosing a style of drawing, a color scheme, and words. I went with a cartoonish style because it lent itself to the inclusion of visual icons of Thanksgiving and was lively and happy besides. The captions are also cartoon-like in that the words and meaning are standard, which was the best I could come up with. I often find it hard to really express my feelings and fall back on common phrases, such as the obvious, ‘Thanksgiving reminds us to be grateful.’ Because these phrases carry deep significance for all of us who in fact have lived amazing lives full of richness, relationships, and good fortune, my hope is that the reader will understand that the expression of the sentiments would be more individualized if only I knew how. The fall colors were an obvious choice that is in harmony with the season and holiday.

I used pencil, gouache, and pen.

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2 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Marci Blodgett says:

    Sarah and Peter, Hope you are already enjoying the day. It is cold but clear here. Having the traditional turkey with a duck thrown in…no chicken! >


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