Rio San Diego and Fenton

Rio San Diego and Fenton - 1

A red stoplight at some intersections makes me very happy because I get to pause to appreciate the view. Rio San Diego and Fenton is one of these and I had to get out of my car and sketch the canopy of palm trees and the movement of the fronds above the cars and people. With all the holiday traffic there were many cars blocking the intersection but in this second sketch I eliminated most since I thought it distracted from the trees.  I left white space in the foreground to contrast with the trees. I feel sorry for the bicyclist struggling with his square rear wheel!

I drew in ink and later added watercolor.

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5 Responses to Rio San Diego and Fenton

  1. Beverly Barrett says:

    I can’t even place this. I guess it is always full of cars. I wish one could use an in pen to eliminate traffic! Drivers over here are super nice and yield, even when they don’t have to

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  2. A few others said the same thing. But I know you have been there, it is the west entrance to the Costco/ Ikea/ library complex just south of Friars.


  3. Tara says:

    I like the little man holding his sale sign!


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