Pause for a bite

Version 3

Looking again at my sketches from yesterday I find I like this 5- minute piece better than the 50-minute sketch I posted yesterday. This quick sketch has a loose and fluid feeling and makes me curious about what the couple was experiencing together.

I was doing warm-up sketches of whatever was in front of me. I happened to catch a couple stopping for a sandwich. I was not trying to tell a story with this sketch, as I was with Elephants.  If I had been, I would have had both the woman and man looking off to their right as both appeared more interested in the exhibit than in their lunch.

I sketched in marker and watercolor.


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2 Responses to Pause for a bite

  1. Rebecca says:

    I liked this… one has a feeling they are walking toward the couple as if observer has become a part of the sketch. The man is intriguing I was wondering if, like you, if he was looking for someone, or perhaps just taking in his surroundings not giving his companion much thought.


    • Good wonderings! As I look back, I also wonder those things. But I know they hopped up and left before I finished this very quick sketch so perhaps they may have been eager to see the whole zoo in a visit. Too bad we can’t ask them…


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